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Interview with Creator of "Young Christian Writers" Magazine

Interview with Alicia Zanoni, creator of Young Christian Writers Magazine 

1.So tell us a little bit about yourself.I've been homeschooled all my life, and I'm the oldest child of four (the youngest is my foster sister). I have always loved to write and started a magazine called "Young Christian Writers" when I was twelve years old.

2. When you first began "Young Christian Writers", what was the main goal that you were trying to achieve?

My main goal was to encourage others to write stories, poems, and other creative work that honored God and exemplified a Christian worldview.

3. Since starting "Young Christian Writers", how has your goal been achieved?
In many ways I have been able to see God glorified through YCW. Often I recieve letters from authors and subscribers telling how a particular peice of writing affected them. Other times I am personally encouraged or convicted by a submission I recieve. It is so exciting to be able to publish writing that can have a deep impact on lives for Christ.

4. How does your personal relationship with the Lord impact your life?
My relationship with God greatly affects how I view myself, my time, my situations, and others. It has taught me to seek to serve God in all of these areas. Some examples might be lifting God up rather than myself, seeking dilligence over laziness, pursuing wisdom instead of the good opinion of others, and serving those around me.

4. Most teen girls have at least two or three hobbies that they enjoy, what are some of yours and why? I love art, because it provides the opportunity to view God's creation from so many different perspectives.

5. If you could name one person, other than Christ, who has been one of the most influential people in your life; who would it be? Elizabeth Elliot. Her devotion and trust in the Lord, especially through extremely hard circumstances is inspiring.

6. What is the one thing you would tell every Christian teen? Cling to the Lord first and foremost, and seek the leadership of your parents. I have found one of the greatest gifts God gives us is our parents - not because of their perfection and perfect leadership, but because HIS perfect leadership is given to us through them.

7. Before we finish up, is there anything else you would like to share with the blog readers? When your fears cripple you, don't feel like you are the only one. Don't ignore them. Give them to the Lord, and seek courage and faithfulness from Him. He wants to do an amazing work through you.

Editor's Notes: 

    Alicia is a close friend of mine I met during an art camp this past summer. We began talking about interests we liked, and  our conversation soon turned to blogging. From there I related how I was really interested in starting a magazine. Alicia then surprised me with saying, "I have a magazine"! From there she gave me tips and pointers about hers, and the pros and cons. My view on starting a magazine has changed for the better, thanks to Alica!
    If any of you are interesting in writing or subscribing for her magazine, go to her website HERE for more details! 

Magazine sale price is $3.75 per issue (USA).
Annual subscription rate is $15 per year for delivery in the USA (published four times a year: fall, winter, spring, summer).

They are interested in short stories, articles, poetry, and book reviews written by Christian students (ages 12-18).   
 Your work should be guided by Christian themes such as: truth, honesty, humility, love, kindness, faithfulness, purity, courage, service, obedience, honoring parents, Creation, sanctity of human life, and the sovereignty of God.  
If we accept your work for publication, we will send you a free copy of our magazine. In addition, we pay $10-20 for short stories, articles and book reviews; $10-15 for poetry. Payment amounts vary based on length and quality of work. 

    I would highly advise looking into writing for her. Her magazine is excellent, and by writing for her it gives you a chance to be creative. Please consider it! If you do decide to write, please let me know! I would like to see your work!

Here is a sample of one of her magazines:

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