Here is a little schedule for my Blog readers, that way you can check on certain days expecting certain things.J 


1. For news, current Events, concerts etc There will be no specific day for that. As it comes up, I will post about it. Under this topic includes: IJM [and other organizations] events, Political news, as well as news on charity’s…and other.

2.  P&P: Mondays
Mondays are postings of Prayers and Praises. Prayer requests and praises, from me and other fellow bloggers.

3. Weekly posting: 
We will post once a week to start out, all categories listed below belong under "Weekly postings"

*Thoughts on past notes and information I have collected over the years.Worldviews, relationships, True authority and much more.
* Fun, wacky, random facts, tips, information and all that jazz. [Have anything you want to have us post, e-mail us!]
* Reviews and interviews; Reviews: Movies, books, music…and other. Every Thursday when I post something new, I will also let you all know what the next weeks “topic” is. Reviews will be on current media as well as older works. Interviews will be with  speakers, artists, writers and more.
* Issues teens face around the world. Brought to you specially by Megan.
*Quote of the day: Inspirational quotes by authors, singers and speakers such as Alistair Begg, Bill Jack, John Piper, C.J Mahaney and more...
*Think about that: Small posts with one to two thought provoking questions. Helping to equip your mind for what the world has to throw your way. 

For requests, comments, suggestions etc:
 feel free to e-mail me @

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