In a world so focused on things that don't matter, Alacrity is a place where guys and girls alike can grow closer to God, express themselves in a godly way, learn, and do something with what they learn! Our culture is so confused as to which way is right, so we need to stand out and shine His light on the right way, and teach others to share and understand their faith. We believe that the sole purpose of a believer is to glorify God, and to make Him   known throughout the world. We are called to be fisherman, but we can also be farmers and plant seeds in the hearts of those around us and let God do the rest. We believe that all Christians should be consumed with God, and should study Him personally and passionately. We believe that there is a place in this world for every person to make a difference, but its the way you use that place in the world that matters.

Speak out on important issues and grow closer to God together.


Charity Anne 
 I am a girl who loves the Lord with every breath. I do not have it all together, but with my life I am striving to glorify Him

Director, founder, writer, co-editor

Megan Kristy 
Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! :) The only thing you really need to know about me is that I'm totally sold out for Jesus. I'm trying as hard as possible to make everything I do in life flow out of my love for Him. Though I'm far from perfect, He is leading me where I need to go, so I know I'm in good hands.
Make a difference with your life because of His life!

editor, writer, co-director, co-founder
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