Monday, April 18, 2011

P&P- first entry

Well today, Monday, is Prayer and Praises day :)

Posting prayers and Praises from me, IJM [other organizations] and from you, fellow bloggers.


From IJM:


  • Pray for an IJM client in Uganda who is in need of a suitable buyer for her land. If a buyer is found, she will finally be able to move away from her abusive stepchildren, bring her case with IJM to a close and be relieved from the injustice that has held her captive for so long. Pray against deceitful tactics used by the perpetrators to scare her into abandoning the case.
  • Continue to pray for Michael, an elderly man being held in a Kenyan prison on false charges. Pray that he would be encouraged by God’s peace even as he waits in prison, and pray for the efforts of the IJM legal team as they seek to secure his release.


Latin America

  • Please pray for a client of IJM casework alliance partner Paz y Esperanza who was the victim of sexual abuse. Please pray for this client’s emotional restoration and for a swift and just conclusion to her case. Please pray that corruption would not affect this case, as the team believes that the family members and lawyer of the alleged perpetrator are attempting to sway the case in the accused’s favor.
  • Please pray for the eight victims in a case against a suspected pedophile inGuatemala. The alleged aggressor befriended single mothers in his area, offering to take care of their children and train them to be part of a soccer team. Instead, he allegedly abused the children. Please pray for all the victims, and for wisdom for the IJM Guatemala legal and aftercare teams in handling the case.
  • Please pray that the public justice system in Ecuador would be transformed to serve the poor and that corruption would decrease.

South Asia

  • Our teams are still learning new strategies in their work to investigate forced labor please keep praying for this process. Pray that the staff would be highly strategic in order to keep cases consistently coming in.
  • Pray that girls rescued from trafficking would have courage and to give truthful, strong statements to the police about their confinement and abuse.
  • Please pray for a case that is coming to judgment very soon. Pray that the two remaining witnesses, both of whom are police, would be able to come to court on their assigned dates. Pray that the trial would reach judgment by the end of April.
  • Pray for our work to improve the aftercare infrastructure in South Asia. Continue to pray for clarity as we formulate plans.

Southeast Asia

  • Pray for the Thailand team as they explore a new casework project to counter child sexual abuse in the region. Pray that the staff would have the capacity and resources to take on this new challenge. Pray that children who have suffered from sexual abuse would find freedom through our efforts and laws against such abuse would be justly enforced.
  • Pray that the women and girls rescued from trafficking in the Philippines would have the courage and confidence to reintegrate into their communities despite the abuse they have endured. Pray for more job and education opportunities to meet the long-term needs of our clients.
  • Pray specifically for the many girls rescued this past Saturday from a Cebu bar where they were sold for sex. Pray that they would be courageous in sharing their stories, that they would know peace during this difficult time and that justice would be done for them.

From Me

*Prayer that we will get an offer on our house!
*Prayer for focus on school these next couple of weeks until Summer.

If you have any Prayers or Praises to share with others, do not hesitate to e-mail @ 
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Much blessings,
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