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Posting prayers and Praises from me, IJM [other organizations] and from you, fellow bloggers.

IJM Prayer List

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."
— Matthew 5:9

Special Update: Thank you for praying for the success of the GPG and for praying with us during this special time. We experienced the presence of God during this weekend of dedicated prayer, with nearly 1000 people gathered together in Washington D.C. and GPG online participants representing 629 cities and 41 countries!


  • Please pray for funding opportunities for our work in Uganda, which would support and expand our capacity to ensure that widows and orphans are protected from perpetrators of land- and property-grabbing.


  • Pray for IJM Director of Church Mobilization Mike Hogan as he speaks at IntownPresbyterian Church in Portland, OR. Pray for peace and God’s favor.
  • Continue to pray for the many IJM Justice Advocates who are speaking on our behalf this month at various churches and venues. Pray that God would speak through them to give an accurate and compelling picture of the call to justice.

Latin America

  • The church in La Paz experiences significant division, which poses obstacles for IJM Bolivia’s Church Mobilization department. Please pray for wisdom as IJMBolivia considers how to effectively train and mobilize the church to confront violent oppression. Please pray for unity among Christians in La Paz.
  • Please pray for the investigations team of IJM casework alliance partner Paz y Esperanza as they plan the arrest of a suspect in a sexual abuse case. The accused in this case is wealthy and is attempting to evade responsibility for his alleged crime. Please pray that an arrest warrant would be issued against the suspect and that the arrest would be successful.
  • Please pray for the logistical needs of Paz y Esperanza as the team works in poor communities in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Please pray specifically that the office would be able to secure a van for transportation purposes.

South Asia

  • Please pray for judges in two cases where the defense is trying to prolong the trial. Pray the judge rejects these attempts.
  • Pray that former slaves who have completed IJM’s leadership training will emerge to lead their communities.
  • Please pray for the leadership transition of the administration department of one of our field offices. Please pray for the team as it works diligently to support the office as we seek a new director of administration.
  • Pray that at an upcoming pastor’s conference for local churches, God would grip the hearts of the attendees for the cause of justice.

Southeast Asia

  • Pray that IJM investigators will have wisdom and perseverance to build trustworthy partnerships with local authorities in order to conduct successful rescue operations.
  • Trafficking charges against a bar owner were recently dropped. Pray for favor as the judge reviews a petition IJM Cebu has filed with the Court of Appeals so that the owner will be rightly tried for his crimes.
  • Pray that local authorities in Manila would close a bar that was selling underage girls for sexual exploitation and that IJM would have wisdom to identify the trafficker. Pray for the five young girls who were recently rescued from this bar and are now in a government-run aftercare shelter. Pray that they would experience healing and restoration.

Other P&P's:

From Charity:
Prayer for this upcoming week with traveliong to MA! Prayer for focus and perseverance in school!

From Megan:
Prayer for SATS, and  AP exam, as well as prayer for Graduation! 
Peace, rest and guidance through this all!

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