Friday, May 20, 2011

Glow Stick Revelations-3F


A glow stick is an interesting little object. I used to marvel at the glow they would give up in the
darkness of the night when I should have been asleep for hours. One of the things that really interested me was the
fact that the stick would have to be broken to give off light. Broken not once, but several times to experience the
full radiance of the trinket. I remember my first glow stick. I held it lovingly in my hands for a long time before
my dad finally took it from me and broke it. I hated that crack and snap, and wanted to snatch the stick back
before I finally realized that giving it that one bend brought the dull little stick new life. And afterwards, I cracked it again and again in different places, then shook it a little to spread the light.

           I think this is an amazing analogy of the Christian life. In order to fully give off light, we must be
broken and a little shook up, even though we might hate the sound of that crack and snap. Even though we might
even protest and try to grab our life back, we need to rest ourselves in the hands of our Heavenly Father. Sure,
sometimes it hurts, in fact, most times it hurts, but when the hurt is cleared away, you will finally realize the good
behind it all; that the cracking and snapping and shaking was not worthless pain, but merely another step towards
Godliness, and letting your little light shine brighter.

Megan for,

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