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The Golden Rule--Part Two

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The Golden Rule--part two
*This is a study on the "Golden Rule", and what it truly means.*

Luke 6:31               " 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you."

In response to the question from last Tuesday Postings:

You may ask, "How then can I, who by nature am merely natural, respond in a super-natural way to Luke 6:31 ?"

Here is the answer:

Unless…….You should be introduced to the power of God in the person of Christ and that that power may come and live in you so that HIS love may flow from you.

Yet, we will still get bogged down by lies of the world.

“We can work it out.”John Levin [song]

That is what men and woman are saying all the time.

“We can work this out!” 

And they can’t. Levin couldn’t and didn’t. Neither can you nor I.

So you see, that’s why religion, as an external code of practice, presented to well-meaning religious people, Sunday after Sunday, after Sunday is the most dreadful tyranny.

Because, the pastor then stands and says, “Now go out and love your enemies!” 

And the people want to be jolly good people… “You know I think I’ll go out and have a good try at this” and they go out and have a miserable week, and they come back and say, “You know, I never tried hard enough.”

Furthermore, they think that by doing “that” they actually make themselves the Sons of the Most High God.

“So, if I do “this” I will become Your son.” Really it is, “Until I become His son or daughter, I cannot do this!”

You cannot bear the family likeness until you become a member of the family. And…

“How do I become a member of the family?”

Only as a result of God’s goodness and grace to you in the person of His son as He comes to confront you with our inability. To make you distinctly uncomfortable in order that you might know what it is when your heart accuses you to have the peace of God in your heart.

"It will only be as God works it in, that we can work it out!"
[Philippians 2:13[{revised}]

Stay tuned until next weeks post, where we will pick up right where we left off. 

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Post revised from Allistair Begg's sermon, "The Golden Rule"

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