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Thursdays: Magazine Interview - IMAGINE

 Interview with the Manager of

Very first issue of Imagine
1. So tell us how you got started with Imagine?
I have always been very creative & administrative, my friends have always joked about all of my crazy projects. When I was 10 years old I started a magazine which I ran for a couple years with one of my good friends. In 2009 I moved to a new city about 3 hours from all my childhood friends and the church I had grown up in. I began to desire a way to keep in touch with my friends and continue to encourage them in the Lord despite the distance between us. It had been a while since I had stopped publishing my old magazine and I missed all the fun I had creating it. So, I decided to put together a little newsletter for my friends, mail it to them, and see what they thought. After an enthusiastic response from my friends and a commitment to help from a new acquaintance in my new city, Tess, I decided to jump full speed ahead with producing Imagine Magazine.

2. When you first began Imagine Magazine, what was the main goal you were trying to achieve?
Well, in the very beginning I just wanted to use the magazine as an opportunity to encourage my friends and stay connected with them. However, after the first issue was released and I began to brainstorm with Tess, I began to understand a greater vision for what the Lord wanted to do through this ministry. I desired to provide a wholesome magazine for Christian teen girls that encouraged them to be set apart from the world and glorify Christ in everything they did.

3. Has that goal been acheived, or is it being achieved?
I definitely do not think we’ve perfectly achieved that goal but I do think we are well on our way.  It is very neat to look back at our roots and see how, as more girls are touched by this ministry, our vision is beginning to be fulfilled

4. How has your ministry grown since you first started?
At times I am overwhelmed by the way the Lord has worked, putting the pieces of this ministry together. What started as a small project for 15 of my friends, has turned into a full scale online magazine which reaches hundreds of subscribers all over the world. I have been incredibly blessed to see the Lord use my meager two cents and turn it into something bigger than I could have ever imagined.

5. How do you feel God has blessed you through this ministry?
He has blessed me in countless ways, I truly am honored 
Allison, the Manager of Imagine
to be chosen to serve Him in this way. Over the years 
He has provided many wonderful young ladies to serve 
on staff. These young women have blessed me with their 
creative talents and sacrificial donation of time. He has 
also been faithful to provide the financial provisions
 necessary to keep the magazine running, the wisdom 
needed to handle sticky situations and the continued 
vision to stay committed to this project.

6. If you could name one person, other than Christ, who has been one of the most influential people in your life; who would it be?
Definitely my mother. She is such a beautiful example to me of a woman who fears the Lord, serves her family and raises up others to do the same. I have been incredibly blessed by her wisdom, emotional support, practical editing help and faithful guidance through this whole project. I could not have continued with this ministry without her and I continually thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful mother. If I had half of her wisdom I would be extremely fortunate!

7. What is the one thing you would tell every Christian teen? 
You were created to live an abundantly fruitful life serving the King of Kings! Do not waste these precious years you have been given trying to find fulfillment in the opinions of men and shallow messages our culture presses you with. Seek after Jesus with your whole heart and do not let anything stop you from fixing your eyes solely on Him. Abandon your life to Him and allow Him to use the creative giftings and abilities He’s given you to impact this culture with a message of hope and freedom. Our culture is full of teens who are trapped by the bondage of sin and have no purpose in life - live your life with purpose, seeking to bring life to those who have no hope!

8. Before we finish up, is there anything else you would like to share with the Alacrity blog readers?
Thank you for the opportunity to share with you about 
Most recent cover of Imagine
Imagine Magazine
Please feel free to check out our website or 
email our staff sometime. We would love to hear from you!

Imagine's Mission & Goals
1. To encourage teenage girls in their walk with Christ and teach them to glorify God with the gifting He has given them.
2. To equip this generation to defy the world's standards in their daily lives and live a life pleasing to the Lord.
3. To empower girls to find their own ways to reach out and witness to others around them.
4. To be a testimony and example to other girls through our own lives by following these same guidelines and using Imagine to glorify God!

Our History
This magazine was created by teen girls and the purpose is to reach other teen girls with the love of Christ. The founder of Imagine, Allison, started Imagine almost 2 years ago as a ministry to her friends. Since then, she has seen God's hand of blessing as Imagine has grown to exceed her wildest hopes and dreams. The Imagine Staff is comprised of young women who volunteer their time and talents

Editor's notes:
I  first heard about Imagine through another blog online. At first I thought of them as just another magazine for Christian girls. As I began to read there work and of how much passion they had for God, my views changed!     
Looking at Imagine in a whole new way, I decided to do an interview with them. Allison, the manager, was so kind to lend me her time as well as media for this post! Through this experience I learned more about Imagine but also about the inspiration behind it! I hope you all are touched as much as I was :) 

Many blessings
Charity for

Feel free to leave any comments or praises for Imagine as well as Alacrity.

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