Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayer for a Country- Pakistan

Prayer for a Country

Pakistan, an arid and mountainous country nearly twice the size of California, is bordered by Afghanistan, India, Iran and China. This ancient civilization has undergone invasions by myriad people groups throughout its long history, the most recent being the British occupation from the mid-18002. With the departure of the British in 1947, Muslin Pakistan split from Hindu India, with ingoing wars being fought over the disputed Kashmir territory. Since that time, corruption and alternating civilian and military rule have greatly destabilized the fledgling Islamic republic. Pakistan has maintained an uneasy alliance with the United States since 9/11 but has struggled to control the Taliban-linked tribal regions along the Afghan border.
Though the British brought Christianity with them when they occupied Pakistan in the 19th century, today Christians make up less than two percent of the population. With the increase of Islamic extremism and support for Sharia law since the 1970s, Christians have been experiencing progressively more persecution and even martyrdom at the hands of both the state and their communities.

Those without Christ
· That the 97% of the population that hasn’t heard the Gospel would hear and repent.
The church in Pakistan
· That God would grant strength and comfort to those facing persecution
· That God would strengthen the church and cause it to grow.
· That God would send missionaries to the 463 people groups of Pakistan.

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