Monday, May 16, 2011


Posting prayers and Praises from me, IJM [other organizations] and from you, fellow bloggers.

IJM Prayer List

"Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart."
— 2 Corinthians 4:1

UPDATE: Thank you for continuing to pray for the more than 500 children, women and men freed from a brick kiln last week in IJM’s largest anti-slavery operation ever. A second operation was conducted in South Asia this week that freed approximately 60 more individuals from a different facility. Pray that these individuals will be documented as freed slaves by the government so they can access the critical services they need. Praise God for his faithfulness!


  • Please join us in thanking God for the opportunity to train more than 300 Kenyan police officers on investigation techniques in cases of child sexual abuse. Praise God for allowing the relationship between these officers and our office in Kenya to grow.
  • Please pray that we would be able to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Rwandan National Police, which would allow for an increased and formal partnership with the police force and would advance our work in Kigali. Pray also for a similar agreement with the Public Prosecution that would benefit our legal department in our casework.
  • Pray for the new hire staff in Rwanda for their effectiveness and passion in the work.


  • Please pray for IJM director of Church Mobilization Christa Hayden, who is speaking at Oversea Chinese Mission Church in New York, NY.
  • Please pray for IJM President Gary Haugen, who is speaking at the Mighty Waters Preaching Conference at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Latin America

  • Please pray for the IJM Guatemala parents’ group which is held once a month to provide support to the care-givers of child sexual abuse victims. The group teaches about abuse, how to handle it, and how to re-enforce the lessons the children learn in therapy. Please pray that attendance and participation would remain high and that this service would be a true help to the parents and guardians of our clients.
  • Please pray for a client of IJM’s casework alliance partner Paz y Esperanza and her two children, who were victims of domestic violence. Please pray for their emotional restoration and that the mother would be able to find work after she leaves the shelter she and her sons are living in.
  • Please pray that IJM Bolivia would be able to quickly proceed to trial in the ten cases currently in the final pre-trial stage.

South Asia

  • Pray for the seven cases in which the government still needs to issue official release certificates to victims of forced labor.
  • Please pray for the trail of a perpetrator suspected of forced labor, which is coming to an end this month. This particular case involves some of the most gruesome torture, abduction and sexual assault that IJM has ever seen in a forced labor slavery case. The team anticipates that the judge will deliver the judgment in the next hearing. Pray for justice to be done!
  • There are five open positions in one South Asia office. Pray the Lord would lead our recruit¬ers to skilled, passionate candidates to aid in this difficult work.
  • A very young girl has been reported missing and is feared to have been trafficked across borders. Please pray those in our region would be resourceful to bring immediate rescue to her.

Southeast Asia

  • Pray for the Thailand team, which is co-hosting a large conference for local Thai churches with other Christian NGOs in the region. Pray that the pastors and leaders would respond to the biblical call to seek justice on behalf of the oppressed in their community.
From Alacrity:

* Prayer for Charity during this time! She is really struggling with a few things. Not to mention here, but please keep her in your prayers!

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